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Sharing the fruits of the contemplative life is essential to us. One of the ways we do that is through our publications. Below we describe our publications, including various books, tapes, CDs, cards, and our quarterly periodical, Desert Call. If you would like to order any of these products just drop us a note telling us what you want along with your payment and mailing information. Or click below for our order form listing all of our products. Purchasing these publications is one of the ways you can support us. We hope they are a support to you!

The Living Flame of Love:
Prayer in Carmelite Spirituality
This set of four CDs features over four hours of conferences and music from a retreat given by members of the Nada Community in the Fall of 2006. Journey with Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Therese of Lisieux, and Lawrence of the Resurrection as they lead us through the challenges of life into a deeper experience of our love affair with God.

O Come Emmanuel

Praying With the O Antiphons

Prepare for the wonder of Christmas by praying with the "O Antiphons," those ancient prayers used at vespers during the week before Christmas. In this two CD set, Fr. Eric Haarer encourages us to pray the O Antiphons as a means of healing our wounds, and preparing the space for the coming of the messiah.

Soul Voyage
Every life is a unique and unrepeatable story.  In Soul Voyage we attempt through words and music to examine the patterns of our lives by reflecting on the voyage of Sir Ernest Shackelton and the crew of The Endurance on their ill-fated Antarctic sojourn.  In their story we recognize our own desires, the pain of shattered dreams, and on the horizon always the hope of new life, of resurrection. Commentary by Fr. Eric Haarer. Eight new songs by Tom Renaud, performed by Tom and Suzie Ryan.
(CD; approximately 50 minutes)
Check out the Soul Voyage Study Page

Come Wind and Water
Newly released in Spring 2006
Come Wind and Water
is a collection of twelve new songs by Tom Renaud, recorded with Suzie Ryan and Connie Bielecki and Colorado recording artist Don Richmond (www.howlindogrecords.com). (CD; approx 38 minutes) Cover art by Linda Wooten-Green (www.myart.wooten-green.net)

Traces of Heaven
Just released in September of 2005, Traces of Heaven is rapidly becoming a favorite of both monks and friends. This CD contains eight new songs by Tom Renaud sung by Tom along with Suzie Ryan and Connie Bielecki. Additional instrumentation and recording provided by Alamosa recording artist Don Richmond. (www.howlindogrecords.com). (CD; approx 27 min.)
Cover art by Crestone Artist Suzanne Frazier (www.suzannefrazier.com)

Other Music Recordings
In Tale of the Warrior King Tom Renaud celebrates the life of Christ in song. Christ as crucified king, as friend, as brand new fire: these images deepen your appreciation and love of the man who can never be fully described. (cassette)
Produced with Kevin Evans and Brian Doherty, Long Highway Home features thirteen songs, most by Tom Renaud, that grew out of the earthy wilderness of Nova Scotia. Includes Woods of Nova Scotia, and Martin Luther King's favorite song, His Eye is on the Sparrow.
(cassette and CD)
Featuring the vocals of Suzie Ryan, The Flame will charm you with its ten songs celebrating life. Includes many people's favorite, Colorado Mountain Home. (CD)
Dare the Dream features twelve earthy songs by Tom Renaud with other vocals by members of SLI.

Other Audio Recordings
From Sounds True recording, Tessa Bielecki in Passion for God: The Path of the Bridal Mystic describes the Christian contemplative tradition of bridal mysticism.
(two cassettes)

Few people know Teresa of Avila like Tessa Bielecki. Teresa of Avila: Mystical Writings (part of Corssroad's Legacy Series) contains extensive excerpts from the writings of St. Teresa along with introduction and commentary by Tessa Bielecki.

Jon Worden's "Christ Embracing the World
  • Reproduction on high-quality photographic paper. Suitable for framing.
    (image: 7 1/2"x8 1/2")
  • Set of five cards (4 1/2" x 6 1/4") blank inside, with envelopes

Jeffrey Lunge Reproductions
We are proud to be able to offer reproductions of Jeffrey Lungé’s watercolor “Christ’s Ascension.” We believe this work of art, which has inspired so many worshipers in our chapel at Nada, will also inspire you, and uplift your soul.
1/2 size reproduction on high-quality photographic paper. Suitable for framing.
(image: 4.75"x13")
Set of five greeting cards printed on ivory “classic linen” cardstock.
(4"x9"; inside blank)
Set of ten bookmarks
( 8"x2" with UV coated front, printed on cardstock)

Lino-cut print Greeting Cards
by Suzie Ryan
For years Suzie Ryan's art has graced the pages of Desert Call. Now you (and your friends) can enjoy her work in this set of five linoprint cards (envelopes included).
Lino-cut print Greeting Cards
Set #1

Lino-cut print Greeting Cards
Set #2

Earth Madonna Cards
This set of four blank greeting cards designed by Santa Fe artist Leslie McNamara will delight you, and those to whom you send them, with their earthy, south-west portrayals of Mary.

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